A wealth of flowers on the Schachen

The Alpine Garden on the Schachen displays a wide diversity of both indigenous and exotic alpine plants. Some examples of flowers from the Schachen follow.

26 July 2006

Campanula scheuchzeri (Campanulaceae)

In the background Cerastium latifolium (Caryophyllaceae)
Front right Saxifraga aphylla (Saxifragaceae)

Gymnadenia conopsea (Orchidaceae)

Saxifraga aizoides (Saxifragaceae)

Anemone narcissiflora (Ranunculaceae)

Clematis alpina (Ranunculaceae)

Gentiana acaulis (Gentianaceae)

Globularia cordifolia (Globulariaceae)

Senecio halleri (Asteraceae)

Alyssum repens (Brassicaceae)

Buglossoides gastonii (Boraginaceae) from the Pyrenees.

Arenaria purpurascens (Caryophyllaceae) grows in the Pyrenees and the coastal Cantabrian Mountains.

Papaver lapponicum subsp. occidentale (Papaveraceae) from arctic Norway and Russia.

Calceolaria uniflora (Scrophulariaceae) from southern Patagonia.

Text: Ehrentraud Bayer
Photos: Jennifer Wainwright-Klein