The Alpine Garden opened on the 16th of June a couple of weeks after the thaw and plants and flowers have sprung up in every corner of the garden. The early-flowering Arnebia pulchra and the Rhododendron caucasicum from the Caucasus Mountains, the “whiter than white” Ranunculus parnassifolius are just a few of the flowers which catch one’s eye. The first buds of the blue Meconopsis × sheldonii have opened!

Nights are still cool at 10°C, but the days are pleasantly mild. For the actual temperature look at the charts on the Weather Station page.

The Alpine Garden resembles a painter’s palette with flowers creating splashes of colour between the stones – now is the time to visit!

16th June 2010

Dryas octopetala

Primula macrophylla

Rhododendron thompsonii subsp. chamaedendoron

Rhodothamnus chamaecistus

Saxifraga marginata var. rocheliana

Soldanella alpina

Viola calcarata