Every morning there’s something new to discover. Today the first flowers of Lilium lophophorum finally opened; like pale yellow Chinese lanterns they dance in the breeze on their short stems. Yesterday Iris reichenbachii was waiting to be admired and tomorrow …?

Peak flowering – for most it is the best time in the Alpine Garden. The stage is set by the heavenly blue of the Meconopsis against a backdrop of Himalaya Primulas in varying nuances of yellow and wine red. Campanula thyrsoides is regarded with astonishment and wonder at its ramrod straight flower spikes. The notoriously difficult Nomocharis lilies light up a shady corner. All this and more greets the visitors to the Alpine Garden.

Come and enjoy the delights and beauty of the Schachen!

7th July 2010

Schachen Alpine Garden

Calceolaria biflora

Campanula pulla

Campanula thyrsoides

Dianthus alpinus

Dianthus callizonus

Dianthus glacialis

Felicia rosulata

Gentiana dinarica

Geranium argenteum

Iris reichenbachii

Lilium bulbiferum

Lilium carniolicum

Lilium jankae

Lilium lophophorum var. lophophorum

Lilium monadelphum

Meconopsis cambrica

Meconopsis × sheldonii

Mertensia primuloides

Mimulus cupreus

Nomocharis aperta

Nomocharis pardanthina

Primula sikkimensis

Rhododendron keleticum

Scorzonera purpurea subsp. rosea

Silene nigrescens

Silene zawadski