We’re well into summer now with the Himalayan Edelweiss in flower and the spikes of the Yellow Gentian, Gentiana lutea, framing the views to the mountains. The indigenous Saxifrages, Saxifraga aizoides and Saxifraga caesia, are in full bloom. Unusually, the early start to the summer with the snow melting at least 4 weeks ahead of time has been maintained with the flower buds of Eryngium alpinum turning blue already, which usually occurs in mid-August. Adding to the blue Felicia rosulata, shown in impressions from the 2nd of July, are the yellow “buttons” of Cotula socialis and the pink flowers of Diascia cf. barbarae. Another August flowerer, Senecio macrospermus, isn’t waiting for the weather to turn warmer before opening its yellow daisy-like blooms. Perhaps the Kniphofia caulescens will manage to flower this year before the garden closes on the 7th of September. The race is definitely on to flower and reproduce before the onset of autumn and/or winter.

24th July 2011

Campanula cochlearifolia

Epilobium fleischeri

Gentiana lutea

Viola cornuta

Photos: Jennifer Wainwright-Klein, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg