The mild to warm weather we’ve had this summer has brought a profusion of flowers in the Lesotho plant area. Diascia barberae, Athrixia fontana, Helichrysum basalticum and Kniphofia caulescens are just a few of the plants in full bloom. All of them originate from the cooperation project with Katse Botanic Garden in Lesotho. It’s been exciting to see all these new plants, selected for the Schachen from the high mountains in eastern Lesotho which enjoy a wet climate, doing so well in the Alpine Garden. They reach their flowering peak after the Himalayan plants are over and extend our flowering season right up until we close in September.

23rd August 2012

Campanula collina

Campanula raineri

Cyananthus lobatus

Delphinium confusum

Diascia barberae u.a. Lesotho-Pflanzen

Senecio macrospermus

Photos: Jennifer Wainwright-Klein, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg