Visitors to the Alpine Garden last week report populations of Platanthera chlorantha and Cephalanthera damasonium in full flower in the forest along the Kälbersteig to the Schachen. Neottia nidus-avis, a saprophitic Orchid can also be seen amongst the above mentioned Orchids. For those hikers who chose to walk up from the Wanderparkplatz near Schloss Elmau Dactylorhiza maculata subsp. fuchsii grows along the forestry road as far as the Wettersteinalm and is then replaced by Gymnadenia conopsaea up to the Schachen. Traunsteinera globosa and Nigritalla nigra can be spotted between the goods cable car (not for public transportation) of the Meiler Hut and the Schachenhaus. In the Alpine Garden Gymnadenia conopsaea, which has seeded freely throughout the garden, is in full flower. A small selection of other flower highlights follow this text. The Lilies were just opening on writing and this coming week we expect Lilium martagon, L. kesselringianum and L. jankae to be in full flower.

6th – 11th July 2013

Alpine garden

Androsace lehmannii

Aquilegia aurea

Carex baldensis

Meconopsis lancifolia

Meconopsis quintuplinervia

Meconopsis simplicifolius

Meconopsis × cookei

Meconopsis × sheldonii

Megacarpaea polyandra

Papaver alpinum

Primula sikkimensis var. hopeana

Photos: Jennifer Wainwright-Klein, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg